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M.I.A. Media, Inc., is a Public Relations Firm that is dedicated to serving clients who have a public persona that needs to be maintained or who have a product that needs to be positively productive in all communities, including the ever growing Haitian community.

 M.I.A. Media, Inc., prides itself in maintaining a professional reputation that stems from its knowledgeable employees, and it’s competent, as well as experienced staff.

 To ensure that our clients’ needs are well represented, M.I.A. Media, Inc., strives to ensure the utmost satisfaction by offering the following services to their clients:

 I. Media Relations — Relating with communications media in seeking publicity or responding to their interest in an organization.

 II. Publicity — Disseminating planned messages through selected media to further an organization’s interest.

 III. Community Relations — Continuing, planned and active participation with and within a community to maintain and enhance its environment to the benefit of both an organization and the community.

 IV. Public Affairs — Developing effective involvement in public policy, and helping an organization adapt to public expectations.

 V. Issues Management — Identifying and addressing issues of public concern in which an organization is, or should be, concerned.

 I. Minority Relations/Multicultural Affairs – As an advisor, relating with individuals and groups of different minorities to promote culture.

 X. Special Events and Public Participation — Stimulating an interest in a person, product or organization by means of a focused “happening;” also, activities designed to enable an organization to listen to and interact with public.



 Press Releases: To ensure that your event, organization, company or public persona receive the utmost exposure a press release announcing future happenings to the press will be written and sent out to inform the world.

(Writing, Writing & Posting on Major Internet Sites, Writing, Posting & Mass Email Distribution)


Articles: Articles summarizing an event, organization or artist can be written to achieve the utmost promotion, to be printed on several national publications, magazine, newspapers and websites.


Writing: Many people need the eloquent words of a professional to get their message across, be it for a upcoming Record Label that needs a History section of a website filled out, or a Movie Producer who needs a Synopsis written to promote their future film. Any writing needs that might arise.


Press Kits: To ensure that your organization or an artist is exposed properly to the media, promoters and the community, Press Kits serve as a business card to introduce a new product into an industry. Including Biographies, Photographs, Articles and Press Releases.


Press Coordination: For a massive event that needs the touch of a professional who has the experience to deal with all aspects of media coordination for a festival, gala, convention, etc. Where M.I.A. Media, Inc. takes care of all press related issues including writing articles, press releases, contacting newspapers, setting interviews, conducting interviews both on Radio and Television, promoting the festival as far as articles are concerned and getting the needed media exposure to ensure the best outcome for future festivals in the eyes of the world. The day of the festival M.I.A. Media, Inc. will be at the forefront of catering to the media all day and ensuring that their needs are met to produce viable contents of information to later be used for public exposure.


Biographies: As a means of introducing a product to the world, Biographies are used as a plateau to enter any industry which needs to be promoted well. A biography is your business card to the masses. (Proofreading, Editing & Revising, Minimal Re-writing)



Master of Ceremony: To make that special occasion run smoothly by having a professional on the microphone helping to ensure the vocal delivery of your product or event – wedding, festival, concert, etc. as a host or M.C.


Voiceovers: From voice mail recordings to movie trailers or answering service instructions, M.I.A. Media, Inc.’s services can be utilized in 4 different languages, English, Spanish, French and Creole.


Branding: Have a new business that you want to develop, let M.I.A. Media, Inc. name your company. Our staff will work diligently to give you a variety of names that fit the services and products for your dream company. Taglines and slogans also available.


Spokesperson: Need someone to conduct interviews on the Radio, Television or maybe for a Magazine or Newspaper? To ensure that your message is correctly disbursed to the media, M.I.A. Media, Inc. can be the person to represent your company, organization or event properly and answer the nagging media questions that can sometimes get the best of you. With Broadcast Journalism experience M.I.A. Media, Inc. is your solution.

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